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Join Us for the 2020 Summer Season!

Learn how to sail at the Lake Joseph Yacht Club this summer! We are a small community based, volunteer run, non-profit sailing club in the heart of Lake Joe located beside the CNIB summer camp.

The LJYC has been around for 49 years and offers a great opportunity for cottagers, their guests, and renters to get to know their neighbors and develop sailing skills on a friendly basis. We have over 100+ family memberships – and are looking forward to including you as one of them!

  • Full Day and Half Day program options –Ages 5 years +
  • Private Sailing Lessons by request
  • Race Team
  • Sail Canada’s-Canada’s National Sailing Authority- CANSail Program


  • 2020 Sailing School Registration is on hold! We are still waiting for 1 final approval and hoping to hear back this week-Updated Jun 22
  • COVID-19  We will be processing refunds this week as our pricing structure will have to change if we receive the last go ahead to operate. 
  • Note, We sadly will not be able to offer the Wetfeet program this summer due to Sail Canada guidance.  If we operate it will be geared to older children that are able to sail without hands on help from the Instructor team.   At this point it would be CanSail 2 and above to start off.   
  • We are limited to cohorts of 10 which would consist of 8 Sailors and 2 Instructors that must remain together for the week at a min.  Preferably 2 weeks.   Each sailor must be alone in the boat unless they are sailing with an immediate household member.    
  • If approved to operate we will consider family sessions for younger children where a parent or older sibling would register together and sail as a team. 
  • Stay tuned for further updates as we will update in this section as more information becomes available.

2020 Program Description & Member Pricing


We are running 6 weeks of Sailing School this year. (Hopefully)

We are hoping to run CanSail 2 and above to start if we recieve final approval.   STAY TUNED Updates will be posted as they become available. If you have signed up for Wetfeet or CanSail 1 refunds will be processed this week.   Our hope is to offer family groups for New Sailors or Younger children which require a more hands on approach to instruction.  We are also exploring Private/Semi-private lessons if we are not able to operate on our site. 

Available Weeks: 

(We operate Monday-Friday 9am-4pm including the Civic holiday on Aug 3rd)


  • Week 1: July 6 -July 10
  • Week 2: July 13-July 17
  • Week 3: July 20-July 24 (1/2 DAY FUN SAIL Fri) *
  • Week 4: July 27-July 31 
  • Week 5: Aug 3- Aug 7  (We are sailing on the holiday Monday)
  • Week 6: Aug 10-Aug 14  (1/2 DAY FUN SAIL Fri)


*Note, On the ½ day sails we will hold lessons in the morning and then head over to a nearby site for an afternoon of fun!!!  Swimming, games and a treasure hunt!


Ages 5-7, one-week sessions Monday to Friday: Half Days 9:00am to 12:30 pm or Full Days 9:00am-4:00pm

This is an introduction to sailing for the young child with no previous experience. In stable, sturdy Oppi dinghies (designed specifically for beginners), sailors learn basic steering and sail control skills in a small-group environment. Off the water, instructors teach the points of sail, boat parts, and weather and safety information through games and interactive lessons.   This program emphasizes safety, fun, and learning, and provides ideal preparation for the CANSail 1 &2. 

CANSail 1 & 2:  Full Days     :STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES

Prerequisite: Must be 9 years of age or older, no prior experience required.  Program operates in one-week sessions Monday to Friday, Half days 9:00 am to 12:30 pm or Full Days 9:00am-4:00pm

This is a basic sailing course for new sailors or those with limited sailing experience. Sailors are introduced to the sport and learn the fundamentals while sailing in Lasers, Pico’s & Open Bic’s.  Introduction to sailing.

CANSail 1 teaches sailors the fundamental sailing skills including basic sheeting, steering, and boat handling on all points of sail. Sailors can sail within defined boundaries set by an instructor.

CANSail 2 – Basic sailing. CANSail 2 teaches sailors to adjust their bodies and boats for changes in direction and wind speed while sailing, and to perform boat-handling manoeuvers in a controlled manner while in a controlled setting. Sailors also learn basic physical literacy through fun activities and sailing games.  As in the Wetfeet Program, the emphasis is on safety, fun and teaching youth sailors to confidently handle a small dinghy.  We recommend a min of 2 weeks of FULL Day classes for CANSail 1 and 3 weeks of FULL Day classes for CANSail 2.  As each student progresses at their own rate it may take longer to attain the level. 

CANSail 3-6  Full Days $TBD/week

Prerequisite:  Must be 12 years of age or older, Program operates in one-week sessions Monday to Friday, Full Days 9:00am-4:00pm

In double-handed 420s, sailors build on existing skills in all types of conditions and to a higher level of proficiency.

CANSail 3 – Intermediate sailing. CANSail 3 teaches sailors to integrate the fundamental boat handling manoeuvers and balance with basic tactics and strategy as well as applied sail trim. Sailors are exposed to a greater variety of conditions and participate in a club race or club training camp.

CANSail 4 – Advanced sailing. CANSail 4 teaches sailors to perform advanced boat handling manoeuvers in a variety of conditions. Sailors can successfully execute manoeuvers in competitive settings and for tactical and strategic purposes. Sailors participate in a one to two-day local regatta.
CANSail 5 – Basic integration of racing. CANSail 5 fully integrates boat handling with tactics and strategy. Sailors are also introduced to the concept of rig tuning and its relation to boat trim and conditions. Sailors participate in a one to two-day local regatta.
CANSail 6 – Full integration of racing. CANSail 6 fully integrates boat handling, sail trim, and rig setup with racing. Sailors train to perform all skills within a competitive race setting in order to achieve accurate sailing within a regatta and in all conditions. Sailors participate in a regional or provincial regatta (Cottage Club).

These programs emphasize high-performance sailing and basic racing and acts as a foundation for the Racing Team. Because of the more advanced nature of this program, sailors should be attending a min. of 2 weeks, however it is strongly recommended that a four-week + Full day commitment is made over the summer.