Information for Parents, Guardians and Students


Thank you for sending your Registration.

We are looking forward to a fun filled learning experience at the LJYC with your child.



LJYC Sailing School on the CNIB property just off Lake Joseph Road, #4 Joe Finley Way. We are located south of Gordon Bay Marine and North of Foots Bay.

Pease take great care and observe the posted speed limits. as you enter the CNIB road as there are visually impaired campers on site.

Proceed straight down this road until the end where you will see out site.  You can’t miss the sailboats!!!  There is limited parking at the sailing centre and we ask you to park at the end of the lane or on the West side of the laneway.  Please avoid parking the gravel Fire route.  You can find us on Google Maps.



Regular Sailing School Hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, Monday to Friday.  Note Morning only sessions from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Our instructors have preparation and planning to do before and after classes and cannot be responsible for your child outside these hours unless prearranged.



As you know, School runs through 6 to 7 weeks of a very hot (we hope!) summer. Please remember that lunches and snacks may be outside in the sun for most of the day so a freezer pack is helpful.

All students in a full day program will need to bring a lunch with them as there is no on-site facilities to purchase food.  We do have water on-site to fill up student water bottles however.  Note, there is no sharing of food and all garbage must be taken home due to COVID restrictions.  Please send a plastic bag to make it easy for them. 

NOTE:  It is important that any nuts, including peanut butter, not be a part of any lunch or snack as   several students enrolled have severe peanut allergies. We are a nut free facility.



  • A well-fitting CSA approved PFD (life jacket)
  • water shoes or sandles that stay on in the water– footwear is mandatory for the Wetfeet and strongly recommended for all. 
  • sun hat, sunscreen, bug spray if your child uses
  • change of clothes, warm sweater if weather cool
  • light rain/wind jacket
  • lunch and snacks
  • lots of water to drink in a refillable water bottle
  • towel
  • all personal belongings labelled with a waterproof permanent marker.
  • a fun attitude and willingness to learn and try new experiences!



  • Safety is a priority. Children are not permitted on any dock without a PFD (life jacket).  Except during supervised swim time.
  • To keep our costs down, the camp and equipment in good working order we ask that you consider volunteering your time or skills. We are Not-for-profit organization and count on volunteers to assist us to keep our camp running long-term. Please contact for details.
  • Any person using the sailing school facilities, is asked to behave in a manner appropriate to a fun, safe youth camp. Playing loud music, inappropriate language, rough housing, bullying or creating a disturbance, or acting in a manner hazardous to oneself or others is not permitted.
  • Please keep the grounds tidy. Remind your child that they should not leave and garbage after lunch and should dispose of it in a bag to take home.
  • All items that your child brings to sailing should be clearly labeled. It makes it easier for our Instructors to make sure anything left behind is returned daily to the correct child.  Please check the Lost and Found bin at the end of the week for missing items.
  • If your child chooses to bring a phone or other electronic device, it’s use is only permitted at lunch time, and must be kept in their bags at all other times. LJYC is not responsible for any lost or damaged devices


OS-Concussion-Code-of-Conduct-Athlete.pdf (

MTCS-Concussion-Awareness-Resources-10-and-under.pdf (

MTCS-Concussion-Awareness-Resources-Ages-11-to-14.pdf (

MTCS-Concussion-Awareness-Resources-15-and-up.pdf (


By enrolling in Lake Joseph Sailing School (LJYC) , we (Parent/Guardian and Sailor) agree to:

1. Encourage and demonstrate good sportsmanship and by acting in a respectful and courteous manner with all those involved with sailing school.

2. Show respect to and follow the direction of the sailing school instructors and other LJYC officials. If I need to address an issue, I will take the time to speak with an LJYC official at an agreed upon appropriate time and place.

3. Respect the property of LJYC, its Members and other participants, including buildings, grounds and equipment.

4. Participate in positive group activities and not be involved in any bullying, intimidating, or harassing of instructors or fellow sailors, and try to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence, and ask instructors for help when it is needed.

5. Refrain from any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct including, but not limited to, ridiculing, yelling, booing, and use of profane gestures or language.

6. Inform program staff with advance written notice of any late, absence, or scheduling changes to the best of my abilities.

7. Refrain from possessing and using cigarettes, drugs or alcohol.

8. Wear an appropriate sailing PFD at all times while in a boat, on the docks or in the water.

9. Follow all current COVID-19 protocols and guidelines including:

a. Hand sanitizing frequently.

b. Ensure you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving to sailing school each day.

c. Reporting immediately any symptoms of COVID-19 or a positive COVID-19 test to .

d. Picking up my child immediately should they exhibit any signs of COVID-19 during the sailing day.

e. I agree to be in a 2 person boat with a sailor from another household.

f. I agree that masks are optional for participants and staff.

g. Sharing of food, water bottles, and sunscreen is not recommended.

Failure to comply with any of the above could result in the child being sent home and an evaluation of whether they can continue to attend the remainder of their sailing week(s).

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Printed Name of Participant: _______________________________________________

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We look forward to providing your sailor a fun, safe and enjoyable experience at the LJYC this summer!!   Can’t wait to meet you all!

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