Board Members:

President: Vacant
Treasurer: Stephen Rodaway
Secretary: Robert Hayhoe
Sailing School Director: Shelley O’Connor
Racing and Fleet Director: Shane Palmer

Site Director: John Rathwell

On-line Presence: Taylor Nullmeyer

Clothing: TBA

Sailing School Staff:

Head Instructor: Haley Hatherley (CanSail 1/2, Wetfeet Instructor)

Race Coach: Charlie Shields  (CanSail 1-6 Instructor, Spinnaker and Trapeze)

Instructor: Tate Rathwell  (CanSail 1-4 , I Can Sail, Community Instructor)   

Instructor: Colin Anderson (CanSail 1/2, I Can Sail, Community Instructor)

Instructor: Alex Bizzarri (CanSail 1/2 Instructor, I Can Sail, Community Instructor)

Community Instructors:  Erika Jennings, Abbey Palmer, Maggie Palmer